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Thank you for visiting. We would love to hear from you! Miami | South Florida | Budapest By Appointment Phone: 954-494-9292 - Email: Instagram: andrea_mate_photography     Andrea Máté PhotographyUSA

Andrea Máté Photography

Welcome to Andrea Mate Photography!

Andrea specializes in creating high quality, clean, timeless and memorable images. She takes on each wedding, portrait, or boudoir shoot as a unique challenge to capture a couple’s intense love and candid moments; or to ensure each client’s beauty, personality or passion is artistically conveyed. As a former model, Andrea’s experiences on one side of [...]

Portrait photography

Portrait and Headshot Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different? Prices for portrait photography run a wide range. Andrea is dedicated to providing high quality photography and services to her clients. She customizes each shoot to individual needs and ensures details such as lighting, camera set-up, background, composition, etc. are perfectly balanced for each client. Andrea utilizes expensive, professional photography equipment [...]

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a wedding photographer? There are many factors in selecting a wedding photographer. Three of the most important to consider are the photographer’s quality and style, personality, and price. Andrea is dedicated to providing high quality wedding photography and service to her clients. She provides a blend of artistic and [...]