Portrait and Headshot Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different?

Prices for portrait photography run a wide range. Andrea is dedicated to providing high quality photography and services to her clients. She customizes each shoot to individual needs and ensures details such as lighting, camera set-up, background, composition, etc. are perfectly balanced for each client. Andrea utilizes expensive, professional photography equipment and shoots in RAW format which provides the highest original image quality.

Following each portrait or headshot session, the work does not stop there. Andrea reviews each digital negative individually; and spends up to several hours to edit, optimize, color refine, and convert to print formats. Andrea also has a unique ability connecting with clients and helping them to relax in front of the camera. As a former model, she has exceptional strengths in posing and techniques to bring out the best in a client’s look, and can provide tips for hair, makeup, clothing and jewelry. Andrea also specializes in beauty retouching, photo editing and creative image design.


How should I prepare?

Please be aware that little details you may normally not think about may become evident in your portrait session.

Ladies, please ensure your nails and hair are photography ready day of the shoot. Ensure that any unwanted facial hair is removed at least 2 days prior, particularly if waxing. Unless you are striving to achieve a particular look, generally lighter, more natural make-up works best. Make-up that you may wear out for the evening should be applied lighter for studio shots. Bring powder with you to reduce any unnecessary shine.

Gentlemen, your hair and nails should be groomed in advance. Be careful not to cut yourself shaving the morning of the shoot. If your skin tends to shine, wash your face about an hour before the shoot, but avoid any products that may cause redness.

Please feel free to consult with Andrea prior to your scheduled shoot with regards to the look you would like to achieve, makeup, clothes and other preparation. Andrea works with talented makeup artists and hair stylists. Please feel free to contact Andrea for inquiries or scheduling. One important last tip for the day of the shoot: just relax and have fun!


What should I wear?

The answer varies by portrait session and what image or aspect of your personality you are trying to capture.

Generally solid color clothes work best. Try to avoid bold stripes, checks, and prints. Be sure to take the time to lay out your favorite outfits and see how they look next to each other. Ensure that they do not clash or look faded, or are missing any critically located buttons. For group shots or family photos, choose clothing with similar colors or neutral tones and avoid having one person with extremely bright clothing when compared to the rest of the group.

The answer varies by portrait session and what image or aspect of your personality you are trying to capture.

For best results, clothes should be wrinkle-free. For studio shots, it’s a good idea to bring the clothes on a hanger to change into. When in doubt, feel free to bring some options for Andrea to help you with your selection. With regards to jewelry, feel free to bring different options to compliment your look, but generally should be unobtrusive.


What type of camera equipment do you use?

Andrea has heavily invested in professional equipment and continues to invest to keep up to date. Currently her base equipment includes: Canon 1D Mark IV; Canon 5D Mark II; Canon f/2.8 24-70 mm lens; Canon f/2.8 70-200 mm lens; Canon f/1.2L 50 mm lens; Sigma f/2.8 105 mm lens, 3 Canon 580 EX II Speedlites, Gary Fong Lightsphere; plenty of back up batteries and a half dozen Profoto lights.


What is the quality difference between your online prints and what I can have printed myself?

Very different! High quality photography begins with the photographer, equipment, photography session, post-production optimization and preparation, and ends with a professional lab to ensure the highest quality reproduction. Andrea uses a professional lab that is available only to professional photographers. They provide high quality paper, processes, many gorgeous options such as fine art prints, and have the capabilities and equipment to reproduce the colors and images as Andrea created. These professional labs are also not available to the general public.

Andrea provides you with the convenience to view your images from your photography session online and ability to order directly from the professional lab she has a relationship with. If you elect to purchase high resolution images with print rights and decide to print your own, please DO NOT use your local drugstore or supermarket chain for your prints! There is a significant degradation in reproduction quality!


How soon will proofs and prints be available?

You will be available to view your images in a private online gallery generally within 2-5 business days following your photography session. Please let Andrea know in advance if you need them sooner. Prints are shipped out directly by the Professional Lab usually within 1-2 business days of receiving an order. Specialty prints may take a few additional business days. Shipping options include ground service (3-5 days) or overnight next business day afternoon delivery.


What other services do you provide?

Photography is considered a work of art and a copyright is a form of legal protection for photographers and other artists. Photographers have the exclusive right to produce, display or sell their images or authorize others to do so. It’s this ownership of their art that keeps them in business. For this reason, many photographers require their clients to order prints and albums through them or charge a fee for print rights.


What are your wedding photography packages and why are they different?

Andrea provides professional, wedding, portrait, and boudoir photography services and also specializes in beauty retouching, photo editing and creative image design. Please click on the respective links below to view samples of her work or for additional information.


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