Wedding Photographer Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a wedding photographer?

There are many factors in selecting a wedding photographer. Three of the most important to consider are the photographer’s quality and style, personality, and price. Andrea is dedicated to providing high quality wedding photography and service to her clients. She provides a blend of artistic and photojournalistic styles with just the right amount of traditional to include portraits, which many clients prefer for large prints and framing. Photojournalistic requires a great sense of timing and composition as the wedding day events unfold. When viewing a photographer’s portfolio, try to imagine yourself in the images; do they seem to fit your personal taste? Is the photography clean and crisp or are they noisy or flat?

With regards to personality, Andrea has an exceptional ability to connect with clients, get along with the client’s family and friends, and quickly establish a high comfort level which is critical for high quality wedding photography. She is straightforward, honest, funny, easy to work with, and has had the benefit of working with and meeting people from different cultures around the world. Feel free to contact Andrea to discuss your wedding day needs and suggested approaches.

Prices for wedding photographers run a wide range. Andrea utilizes expensive professional photography equipment, shoots in RAW format which provides the highest original image quality, then reviews each digital negative; edits, optimizes and color refines each individually and converts to print formats. What this means in a nutshell is that Andrea is dedicated to providing the highest quality images and service to all her clients. Following a wedding day, Andrea typically buries herself in 40-60+ hours in post-wedding day work.


What wedding photography style do you provide to most clients?

Andrea shoots primarily photojournalistic style pre-ceremony while the bride and groom are getting ready and during the ceremony, artisitic and traditional portraits post-ceremony, and a blend of all during the reception. Traditional portraits provide rich lighting, details and colors that many clients prefer for large prints and framing, while photojournalistic helps to capture the natural emotions and candid moments of wedding day events; also suitable for framing or for story telling in an album.


How many coverage hours do I need?

Wedding photography coverage needs varies by the couple and key factors to look at include the start and end times for both the ceremony and reception; whether or not you would like coverage of the bride and groom getting ready; locations; and allowance for ample travel time. A good way to estimate this is to start at the end or last song of the reception and work your way backwards. If you would like coverage getting ready, depending upon where and when you are getting hair and makeup done, getting dressed; location and travel time to the ceremony, etc – you may need to allocate 2 to 5 hours prior to the ceremony for pre-ceremony coverage. Generally, couples request anywhere from 6 to10 hours of coverage, while most couples on average opt for 8 to 10 hours when including pre-ceremony photography. Coverage for Andrea starts when she is scheduled to arrive at the first location and when she leaves the last location.


What type of camera equipment do you use?

Andrea has heavily invested in professional equipment and continues to invest to keep up to date. Currently her base equipment includes: Canon 1D Mark IV; Canon 5D Mark II; Canon f/2.8 24-70 mm lens; Canon f/2.8 70-200 mm lens; Canon f/1.2L 50 mm lens; Sigma f/2.8 105 mm lens, 3 Canon 580 EX II Speedlites, Gary Fong Lightsphere; plenty of back up batteries and a half dozen Profoto lights.


Why do your packages include a 2nd photographer and what are the benefits?

There are many advantages and benefits to having two photographers at your wedding. First, Andrea will always be your principal photographer. For example, pre-ceremony when the bride and groom are getting ready separately, Andrea will photograph the bride, while the 2nd photographer will shoot the groom. Additionally, 2 photographers will shoot all aspects of your wedding from different locations and angles to ensure all your best images and special moments are captured. Andrea includes a 2nd wedding photographer with all her packages with coverage starting at 6 hours and above.


What are copyrights and who owns it?

Photography is considered a work of art and a copyright is a form of legal protection for photographers and other artists. Photographers have the exclusive right to produce, display or sell their images or authorize others to do so. It’s this ownership of their art that keeps them in business. For this reason, many photographers require their clients to order prints and albums through them or charge a fee for print rights.

Unlike many wedding photographers, Andrea includes personal use and print rights with all her wedding packages. This gives her clients the flexibility and option to order high quality prints online from a professional lab that Andrea uses or the option for clients to have their own prints made. By including personal use and print rights with all her wedding packages, Andrea helps newlyweds to avoid discovering cost surprises and limitations after the wedding. However, it is important to know that there is a very significant difference in print quality with consumer printing options compared to those of a professional lab, and Andrea strongly advises against it.


What is the difference between your online prints and what I can print myself?

Very different! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Your wedding photography should be considered an investment and your images, prints and albums are keepsake items. Andrea uses a professional lab that is available only to professional photographers. They provide high quality paper, processes, many gorgeous options such as fine art prints, and have the capabilities and equipment to reproduce the colors and images as Andrea created. These professional labs are also not available to the general public. Andrea provides you with the ease and convenience to view your images from your wedding online and provides you with the option to order directly from the professional lab she has a relationship with. If you decide to print your own, please DO NOT use your local drugstore or supermarket chain for your prints! There is a significant difference in reproduction quality!


What are your wedding photography packages and why are they different?

Andrea wants to provide you with the highest quality photography, full service wedding day coverage possible and offers simplified pricing to make it less confusing and to provide you with the greatest flexibility while keeping your costs down. Her packages start at 6 or 8 hours coverage and provide you with the personal use and print rights to give you flexibility to order prints online from the professional photographer’s lab Andrea uses or to have your own prints made. Most packages include beautiful custom leather albums, printed on professional photographic paper, flushmounted, and all made in Italy! She also provides you with an album or print credit with each package that can be used towards prints, albums, additional album pages, parent books, thank you cards and other photography products. You may also elect to use this towards additional wedding photography coverage. You can add on � la carte options to any of the packages or Andrea can provide additional easy customized options based on your needs. Please click on the Weddings link below > Prices for simplified pricing and package information.


How soon will our proofs be available after the wedding?

You will be available to view your proofs in a private online gallery generally within 2-4 weeks following your wedding.


How soon will prints be available?

Prints will be available for ordering within 2-4 weeks after your wedding when your private online gallery is ready for viewing. Prints are shipped out directly by the Professional Lab usually within 1-2 business days of receiving the order. Specialty prints may take a few additional business days. Shipping options include ground service (3-5 days) or overnight next business day afternoon delivery.


How soon will albums be available?

Depending upon the particular album chosen, albums generally take 8 -14 weeks upon receiving the order.


What other services do you provide?

Andrea provides professional wedding, portrait, and boudoir photography services and also specializes in beauty retouching, photo editing and creative image design. Please click on the respective links below to view samples of her work or for additional information.



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